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Ugbe Corporation is a company that is moved by our passion for the services we offer to our clients. We exist to plan, build, maintain, connect and help individuals, groups and companies who believe in us to achieve that perfect dream of theirs.

Business/Investment Consulting

Whether you are an investor looking for what to invest in or one with mind-blowing ideas or a start-up looking for investors or connectors, you know you can trust us! Been in the business for quite a while now and we know just the perfect route to lead you on to achieve the most productive results. You got the cash? Well, we have the right business you can invest all ...

Real Estate Brokerage

From selling your property to buying the property of your dream, we are always present to assist you achieve your aim. We operate from Nigeria and control one of the biggest online property listing directory in the country. We are constantly working with loyal, sincere and friendly agents all over the country which has helped us grow into one of the most trustworthy agencies to sell your property with or ...


We offer variety of construction types. From small jobs to big projects and even renovations. We advice you through each construction process. From scheduling to estimating, sub-contractor bid solicitation, on-site supervision, cost and quality control, and total project management as your construction manager. PROCEED

Interior Design and House Cleaning

Furnitures, Colors, Rugs and Wall Arts? Count Us In; We Are Pros!! We are proud to know just the best furnitures, lights, carpets and rugs that would make your home look heavenly. Having a beautiful home is everyones entitlement so we try to give it the best shot that our clients expect and get nothing but that dream home they fantasize about. Ok, looks like you got the best furnitures ...

Trust Worthy

Trust is one paramount attribute of any business that wants more clients and progress with the speed of light and this we totally understand and possess. Everything placed in our care is watched over by the most trust-worthy team you ...


We are certified professionals at what we do. We know what to do at every stage just as we follow every code of ethics of our profession.


Any company that wants to progress and produce good results need a vibrant team even at tough times and that is not something we ever forget. We are a vibrant, lively and friendly team.

Helping Small Businesses To Find The Right Way To Investors & Vice-versa

Whether you are an investor looking for what to invest in or one with mind-blowing ideas or a start-up looking for investors or connectors, you know you can trust us!

We aim to succeed with every of our clients

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  • As a successful entrepreneur, I needed to invest more and Ugbe Investments helped me find the┬ábest business to invest in with profitable results. Their team is also one of a kind.
  • Ugbe Properties helped me sell my property at just the best price without so much stress in a little time frame. Will keep recommending them to everyone who need their services.
  • Started off as a team of music lovers creating a platform for new talents but finance can be a big barrier to such project. At this point Ugbe Investments did their thing and we are strongly backed up true investors.

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